July Update

Greetings from Three Crosses Outreach!

It’s hard to believe that the summer is almost over, but here it is the end of July and we are enjoying the last few days with the campers who come to Three Crosses before camp concludes on August 1st. Over the month of July, we have had four awesome groups come to work camp with us: Shiloh Hills Baptist youth group (from GA), Myrtle Beach Christian Academy, Redeemer PCA (from Travelers Rest, SC), and Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) from Orangeburg. Each group came prepared to lead activities and lessons that continued our theme of the Redemptive Narrative throughout the summer. The summer staff was impressed with the patience, flexibility, and positive attitudes that each church team brought to camp. The campers often have difficulty with both giving respect to those in authority and willingly engaging in activities, but the church teams worked hard to build relationships with the campers and showed them love unconditionally while they were at Three Crosses. For all those things we are so grateful!!!

After camp was over for the day, we had a few special activities that happened in the afternoons weekly. Check out the next page to see moments captured on camera from our afternoon club activities!
Running Club! Every Tuesday afternoon, we would take campers ages 9+ to walk or run on the track at the local school: Hunter Kinard Tyler– a school that serves Elementary, Middle, & High School students in one building. While we were walking or running, it was great to have more one on one conversations with the campers and also good to model and participate in healthy lifestyle choices and activities.
Movie Night! Every Wednesday, we would pick up all the kids from their homes and bring them to the Three Crosses building and have free play time and then watch a movie on the “big” screen. This weekly activity was open to any youth in the community so often times older kids who were too old for camp, but still wanted to be involved, would come to movie night.
Baking Club! Every Thursday Abby, Lannon, and Ashton had the older girls from camp over to do some baking. We made banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, monkey bread, kettle corn, and chocolate peanut butter chip cookies from scratch. It was awesome getting to have “girl time” with these young ladies and great fun was had while baking the yummy goodies. In addition, we were able to have some intentional conversations about things going on in these girls’ lives as well as what is means to be a godly woman. These times of conversation were very eye-opening to us as we learned more about the life and culture here in Norway, and we hope impactful on the girls as they consider how the Gospel can impact daily life.
Archery Day! One afternoon this summer the guys on staff (Ashby, Brandon, and Caleb) taught the older boys from camp how to shoot bow and arrows. The guys had a great time practicing this manly skill while shooting at various targets. Thankfully this activity went smoothly and no one was injured. The campers really enjoyed this activity because none of them had ever had the opportunity to shoot arrows before!

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