June Update

Greetings from Three Crosses Outreach!

As we come to the end of June and the end of the first three weeks of camp, we want to pause and reflect on the summer here in the Norway, SC so far! Our 2014 summer staff consists of 2 directors (Lannon Gustafson & Abby Brown) and 4 camp counselors (Brandon Lorick, Ashton Ehlers, Caleb Summers, & Ashby Elliott). Thus far, we have been blessed to have groups from St. George Baptist Church (located near Norway, SC) and an RUF college group from Anderson University come to lead camp for 2 of the 3 weeks. The groups have done a great job being flexible and jumping in to help as need amidst the chaos and craziness that camp brings. They have taught the Bible times during the day in ways that have engaged the campers and encouraged them to not only know the details and personal life applications of the Bible stories discussed, but also to identify key themes in the stories that help us to see the big picture story of Redemption that is weaved together throughout the whole Bible.

We have been so encouraged by the campers enthusiasm to participate in the literacy based activities that we have implemented so far. Our literacy time consists of activities that include journal writing, small group interactive games, independent reading and reflecting, collaborative brainstorming and writing web activities, etc… Of course art and outdoor times are also some of the campers’ favorites! Throughout each day there are many, many opportunities for discipline and we are looking to the Lord for strength, grace, and wisdom as we face each conflict that occurs whether between student to staff, or student to student.

We have four full weeks of camp left to go in July and would covet your prayers daily for us and the ministry we have been given to the children and families in the Norway community. Next month we will share more about some of the afternoon small group activities that happen weekly. We are thankful for you!

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